Palgrave Macmillan: Jo Hall Boys, Bass And Bother

E-Flyer:Fright Night Radio E-Flyer:Boiler Room TV

Magazine advert: Manchester Digital Music Archive Louder Than War

Mark's Music 2016: Mark Rae "Northern Sulphuric Soulboy" LP/Book

Pumpkin / Ruin Nation Records: Autonomads "One Day This Will All Be Gone... Everything Now!" LP/CD

Soul:R Records: DRS "I Don't Usually Like MCs But..." LP/CD sleeve

Soul:R Records: DRS "Count To Ten" 12" sleeve + London & Manchester LP/CD launch nights

Tru Thoughts: Sleepin' Giantz LP / CD promo

Soul:R Records: Marcus Intalex "21" LP/CD

Management 16: Virus Syndicate promo

Fat City Records: Broke'n'English "Subject to Status Sampler" and "Take It Low" 12"

Fat City Records: Broke'n'English "Subject to Status" LP/CD inner sleeve

"Subject to Status" LP/CD launch-night flyers: Friends-&-Family

Highrise Records: Panache

Technique Recordings: Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound

FreeForm Records: Perfect Combination

Damn Right Records: Krispy

Sellwell Records: Akrasi 12"/CD

Academy flyer: Spellbound

Planet K flyer: Spellbound

Planet K poster & flyer: Spellbound

Planet K poster & flyer: Cash Money