01st May 2010
REWIND!!! If you didn't get the chance to go to this exhibition when it first showed (Nov 2007-Mar 2008) i've been looking again at my photographs from Drum'n'Bass @ Urbis

REWIND!!! The exhibition looks at the growth of Jungle / Drum'n'Bass in Manchester through music; photography & artwork; video & interviews; focussing on key-figures & club-nights; offering both a snap-shot & celebration of the local D'N'B scene

REWIND!!! For those who did come visit the exhibition, here's another chance to relive those memories

For those who came down to the opening night, well: the Urbis has never quite shook like that before or since!!

I've included some more images this time too: (-All shot on film-) photographs submitted for consideration but not making the final edit because I'd already spent up all the print budget! Big Thanks to Carolyn Gamble (exhibition curator)!

Big-Up & Boo-Ya also to Mark O.D. (Atmosphere Magazine); Wilf Prophecy (Metropolis); DJ Deval & MC Switch; Mr Nathan Brown (Platoon); Jim Bane (Eastern Bloc); for each suggesting me as a source of photographs when she set out to research this exhibition